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Review Process

Our review process sets us apart from other web directories by encouraging contractors and homeowners to work together to create a mutually beneficial resolution. Without homeowner reviews, there could be no PCN. That’s why we take careful steps to guarantee our reviews are legitimate.

We require all reviewers to have an account and to provide proof of service—that means real reviews from real jobs, every time. Once you write a review you can either (a) provide a copy of the contract or (b) wait while we send a confirmation e-mail to the contractor to make sure they performed the job.

Preferred Contract Network Conflict Resolution Process

We founded the Preferred Contractor Network to help homeowners get the very best services available. If you walked away satisfied, we want to know. If you had a negative experience with a PCN member, we also want to know.  The customer is asked specific questions regarding how and why the services didn’t meet expectations. We then give the contractor two weeks to respond by correcting workmanship errors, improving their service or otherwise satisfying the customer. If the problem remains unresolved, the negative review goes live. If the problem is fixed, the customer has the opportunity to revise their review.

Why Does the Preferred Contractor Network Use This Process?

We want every customer to have the best experience possible with PCN Members. The conflict resolution process allows a unique chance for contractors and customers to work out their differences and improve the situation on both sides, with better service for the homeowner and a better reputation for the contractor. Preferred Contractors who cannot maintain a three-star average rating will have their membership revoked.

Ready to Write a Review?

After your service, you will receive an e-mail from PCN asking you to complete a review. You can also visit your Account Page to see recent jobs and write a review.