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Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Routine

June 17, 2014

Cleaning your swimming pool may not be a favorite among summer activities, but getting into a basic pool care routine can keep your pool safe and clean for years to come. Pool owners should plan on dedicating six to eight hours each week to pool upkeep.

Swiming Pool Maintenance

Biweekly Maintenance
-Skim the surface for floating debris
-Clear skimmer baskets

Weekly Maintenance
Test the water chemistry
Adjust the pH by adding soda ash product if it’s under 7.4 and adding muriatic acid if it’s above 7.6. If the chlorine is less than 1 ppm or alkalinity is less than 90 ppm, dissolve chlorine or baking soda in a bucket of water and toss it in the pool.

Vacuum the walls and floor
Move the vacuum slowly in overlapping lines, similar to mowing the lawn.

Brush off excess algae
Attach a nylon brush to the vacuum pole to scrub pool sides. Use a stainless steel brush on concrete.

Hose down the pool area
Before swimming, spray any dirt away from the pool.

Adjust water level if necessary
Make sure water is high enough for the pump to function properly. Aim to adjust at one inch per hour.

Additional Pool Maintenance Tips
Trim trees or bushes near the pool
Excess shrubbery can lead to more debris in your pool, which means more cleaning for you. Try trimming them back for pool season.

Use lithium-based chlorine­
Lithium dissolves more easily and does not leave residue.

Treat each pool issue individually
Don’t know the differences in treating green algae verses water mold? Consult’s Trouble Shooting Guide for Pool Care for solutions.

These are just the basics for pool care. Should you not have enough time to clean your pool or if the responsibilities becomes too much of an inconvenience, hire a professional for weekly cleanings to take the burden off your shoulders. Search PCN’s listings and request a bid to save as much on pool maintenance services as possible.