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Win the Winter Water War with Insulation

January 7, 2014

It happens every year: Snow falls, sits on your roof, then gradually melts, searching for outlets to drain from your roof. That water can be more dangerous than meets the eye, sneaking through tiny holes in your roof, adding moisture to the air in your home, dripping down walls, staining ceilings, and often times condensing, activating mold growth. Don’t let winter be a constant battle between you and that melting snow.

We know that proper roofing can prevent leaks, but what else must you do to protect your home from poor ventilation, mold growth or ceiling stains due to leaks? Like the solution to many other home issues: Add insulation.

How Insulation Prevents Water Damage
After entering the home, moisture moves freely through the air, building up on and around walls, in your attic and in other hidden cavities throughout your home. By restricting air movement, insulation helps prevent condensation and keeps your attic and walls dry.

To find out if you have enough insulation, find a local insulation professional at who offers free estimates and advice on how to properly insulate your home.