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Kitchen Design: 7 Easier Ways to Maximize Storage Space Today

October 21, 2014

You may not be in the market for a new kitchen design, but still want less clutter? Here are 7 things you can do today to make your kitchen more organized.

1. Install door racks (if there’s room). This is especially smart for under the sink where you have lots of containers and cleaning supplies that can spill or get lost in the back of the cabinet. Keep your most often used supplies such as dish soap near each other on the racks.

2. De-clutter under the sink with plastic buckets. Group cleaning supplies by task so you only have to pull out one bucket depending on what type of cleaning you need to accomplish. For example, have one bucket ready for light weekly kitchen refreshers and one bucket ready for deep monthly kitchen cleanings.

Kitchen design


3. Section off drawers with pegs, dividers or drawer organizers. This not only goes for silverware, but also for dish and Tupperware drawers. Drawer organizers are easy to find at home goods stores or you can have drawer dividers custom made. Search for kitchen design or kitchen remodeling companies that can help with kitchen drawer organization.



4. Group by task. Organize cooking utensils or equipment by task. For example, have a drawer for grilling equipment and have all of your baking supplies in one location. This will make it easier to pull out items when you need them.

Kitchen design



5. Use utensils as “artwork.” Store large cooking tools such as wooden spoons, spatulas or beaters in a wide canister or container you keep on the counter. Perhaps you have an old vase or a vintage-looking jar laying around the house that you have yet to find a use for. Use the canister as a way to add a pop of color, show off your own design style or just to update the look of your kitchen.



6. Tidy up your pantry. Find clear storage containers for cereals, baking ingredients and other small food items. Use baskets for small snack items. Group items by type so you can find them more easily.

7. Make use of the inside of cabinets or pantry doors. Attach cork boards or magnetic boards to the back of your pantry door to hang grocery lists, coupons or notes that would otherwise be piling up on your kitchen counter.

Search for trusted kitchen design companies on for kitchen design professionals who can help install shelves and recommend other storage solutions.