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How the Electrician You Hire Should be Wired

May 20, 2014

If there’s one home maintenance or repair project you should seriously consider hiring a professional for, its electrical work! DIY electrical work is far from a good idea unless you have extensive experience. Finding quality electricians can be challenging, but by pre-screening and certifying electrical contractors for our listings, we make it easier for you.


Here’s how the electrician you hire should be wired:

 1. The electrician is properly licensed
Proper licensing indicates the electrician has taken the necessary courses to become a safe and reliable electrician.

2. The electrician is insured
Having insurance is absolutely essential for electrical companies. Should any mishaps occur, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a situation where the company can’t cover their errors.

3. The electrician has experience
Ask about the electrical contractor’s qualifications and how long they have been in business.

4. The electrician offers fair prices
When you request a bid, weed out the companies that give you out-of-this-world prices (whether its extremely lower or extremely higher than the other bids) for the same services.

5. The electrician can easily provide references
Any time you hire a home improvement contractor, always ask for references. Call current or past customers to ask about their experience with the company.

6. The electrician is happy to help you out
Pay attention to their attitude and how they treat you when you call. Sure, there may be more important things to consider when hiring any contractor, but you won’t want to deal with a contractor who’s unprofessional and unhelpful.

Finding a quality, affordable electrician is easy with PCN. Visit and type in “Electrician” in the search box along with your zip code in the zip box, and you’ll be presented with a customized list of electricians in your area.

Look for electrical contractors with the silver “Certified Preferred Contractor” seal. This seal indicates that the contractor has proper licensing, is insured, has a clean criminal record, has been in business for more than 12 months, and has received numerous outstanding customer reviews from past and current customers.