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Don’t Fall Victim to Storm Chasers

June 10, 2014

You’ve just fallen victim to hail tearing up your roof, siding or gutters. Now you’ve got dozens of roofing companies soliciting your home and calling you for your business. How do you know if these companies are honest and reliable? How will you know whether they can actually fix your roof? How can you tell that they’re not fraudulent?

Roofing fraud has unfortunately become a common problem throughout hail-prone areas across the US. Scam artists will establish a roofing company in a town that has just been hit by hail, offer you ridiculously incredible offers on your new roof, gain your business and trust, then take your money and flea to the next storm site before completing any roofing services. These scammers are commonly known as “storm chasers.”

Being aware of common storm chaser scams is essential for protecting your home and your bank account. Here are a few tips to help you avoid falling victim to storm chaser scams:

Do your research
Before signing or committing to anything with the roofer that approaches you, do background research. Unfortunately, a great looking website doesn’t always mean a company is honest, so do your research beyond the company’s website. Check out BBB and for ratings and reviews. If you can’t find any reviews when you search for the company name, this should be a huge red flag.

Only trust companies who’ve been in business for at least a year
Beware of companies that have just been recently established. Storm chasers will establish a company in your area right when a storm hits and disappear once they have your money.

Get everything in writing
A legitimate, reliable roofer should be able to show you proof of insurance, proof of licensing, and documents or a contractor with all agreements in writing.

Ask for references
Quality roofers have a list of references readily available for you to call.

Don’t agree to anything on the spot
Collect the documents, contracts, etc. that the roofer provides, then ask for a few days to think about it. Then do your research and call them back if they seem like a quality roofer you’d like to hire.

To find reputable roofers in your area who have already pre-qualified for being licensed and insured, having been in business for at least 12 months, and having received incredible customer reviews, visit