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A Recipe For Disaster: Snow and a Poor Roofing System

January 21, 2014

Throughout the snowy months, homeowners tend to worry about the main issue hanging over their head: Heavy snow piling up on their roof. A collapsed roof has proven to be a Colorado homeowner’s nightmare. But what about when that snow melts? If you have an insufficient roofing system, melted snow get sneak through walls, ceilings and sides, putting your home at risk for more than just water damage. Leaks can cause hard-to-remove and health-hazardous mold growth and ceiling stains.

To prevent water damage from melting snow, a properly installed roofing system is absolutely essential for Colorado roofs. Asphalt shingles are the most common type of shingle installed in the Front Range, seeing as they are durable and affordable. However, a professional Colorado roofing contractor can best advise you on which roofing systems will best help save your home from winter and post-winter water damage. Click here to find reliable roofing contractors in your area.

Roofing isn’t the only essential step to take when aiming to prevent water damage. View additional leak-preventing tips you’ll want to consider before the sun starts to melt the snow.