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7 Tasks to Winterize Your Home

December 3, 2013

Colorado anticipates below freezing temperatures beginning mid-week, meaning its time to winterize your home.

7 Things to Do to Prep Your Home for Winter

1. Schedule a furnace inspection. Look for HVAC experts who are ready to bid on your inspection or other furnace-related projects at Have them check your fireplace too while they’re at it.

2. Prune trees before snow hits. Harsh winds and snow will damage ill-maintained trees worse that a pruned tree. Search for landscapers who can perform those landscaping tasks you’d rather not do on your own in the cold weather.

Home Winterization

3. Caulk windows. The last thing you need is for your heating bills to rack up just from easily-preventable cracks around your window. Should you decide to hire a handyman to caulk windows for you, search for the best, most reliable and most affordable handymen in your area.



4. Change furnace filters. Don’t have time? Don’t know how? Have an HVAC expert change furnace filters for you. Just search PCN for local professionals who know just what to do.

5. Check smoke detector and carbon monoxide monitor batteries.

6. Clean your gutters. It’s cold out–stay indoors while having a professional clean your gutters for you. If you clean gutters yourself, make sure you catch the hard-to-notice debris to prevent ice build-up and allow water to drain freely when ice melts.

7. Properly insulate. To get free estimates on insulation installation, search for insulation specialists who are ready to bid low on your insulation project.

Preferred Contractors are ready to bid on your winterization projects. Search for your winterization needs today!