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7 Risks of Clogged Gutters

October 7, 2014

Knowing your gutters could be clogged with fallen leaves, wind-blown branches or other debris may not seem like a big deal. The truth is, the longer you leave your gutters clogged or semi-clogged, the more you’re putting your home and your own health at risk.

Importance of gutters

Here are the 7 most dangerous or costly risks you run when not properly caring for your gutters:

7. Basement water damage
As water overflows from a clogged or uncovered gutter system, water will build up on the sides of your home, permeating the foundation or ground around it. This can lead to water sneaking into the basement causing mold growth and other risks from water damage. Foundation and basement repair can costs thousands of dollars–much, much more than the cost of simply having your gutters inspected and cleaned twice a year.

6. Mold growth
Mold is not only ugly and unpleasant to look at, but mold can be a serious hazard to your health. As water falls off the roof thanks to a dysfunctional gutter system, your siding, attic, foundation, and basement walls can become moist and with increased condensation will produce mold. Breathing in mold spores can cause respiratory problems, headaches and other health issues.

5. Water spots on side of house
As water spills over your gutters, it’ll hit your fascia boards and siding on the way down, cause unsightly water stains and possibly mold growth on the side of your house. Overflowing water will especially damage the lower parts of your siding when the water hits the ground and splashes back onto the side of your house.

4. Icy, unsafe walkways in winter
When water overflows onto the side of your house, it often has no place to go or flow to. In the summer you’ll be dealing with puddles, but in the wintertime, these puddles will freeze, causing more serious issues like slips and falls. Protect your guests and neighbors by preventing overflow with properly functioning gutters that will guide water to a safer place to sit.

3. Unpleasant appearance
Broken, hanging or damaged gutters can not only cause some serious functional hazards, but they are simply unpleasant to look at. Keep the appearance of your home looking fresh and well-cared for with cleared, clean-looking gutters.

2. Accelerates rotting and/or weakening of wood
As water seeps into your attic, siding and foundation thanks to poorly functioning gutters, wood on your roof, siding, soffits, or sheathing will become damp, weaken and/or rot. Replacing siding or internal or external structural parts can be extremely costly. Save yourself the money and hassle, and give the water from your roof an open flow route with properly functioning gutters. The cost of gutter cleaning or gutter coverings is far more affordable than replacing rotten wood!

1. Lower the value of your house
No home buyer will want to buy a home with gutters that look worn down or don’t work. Don’t let something as simple as your gutters ruin your property’s value. Gutter guards and bi-annual maintenance are simple, affordable solutions to keep your gutters, yard, siding, and roof clean and dry year-round.

The good news: Gutter maintenance is easy!
Have gutter maintenance professionals clean your gutters and inspect for damage or potential damage twice a year. A spring and fall cleaning and inspection will save you from having to pay for a completely new gutter system.

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