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5 Questions to Ask Every Handyman Before Hiring

May 27, 2014

When it comes to your leaking sink, broken window or chipped paint that you just can seem to repair on your own or don’t have time for, turn to a trusted, local handyman.


When searching for reliable handymen, you should at least ask about the following:

1. Ask About the Price
How much do your services cost? Do I pay by the hour or by the job? What’s included in the price?

2. Ask About Experience
Have you completed this type of project before? How many years have you been in business? It’s great to give new companies a try, but it will be more reassuring if you hire a company with at least one year of a business under their belt. All handymen who are PCN-certified have been verified that they have been in business for at least one year.

3. Ask for References
Have you recently completed any projects in my area? Are there any past customers I can speak with who can attest to your great services? If they say no, that could be an indication that they haven’t completed many projects or that they haven’t left many customers satisfied. If they say yes, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they’ve made some of their past customers happy and maintain good customer relations before and after they complete a job.

4. Ask About Licensing and Insurance
Will you be able to show me proof of licensing and insurance? When you have a home repair to worry about, the last thing you need is a contractor or handyman who gets insured on the job, doesn’t have insurance and pins the hospital bills on you. Know that all handymen and contractors who are PCN-certified are fully licensed and insured to protect homeowners who use our services.

5. Ask About a Timeline
When will you be able to come out to my house? How long do you think the project will take to complete? The handyman may have several other projects going on at once and won’t be able to get to your repairs for a few days. See how their timeline fits in your schedule and your needs. Perhaps you have a repair that can’t wait, and you’ll need to find a handyman that can come to your house ASAP.

If you have any specific questions or worries about your project, ask upfront while getting an estimate. See how they respond to your questions. You don’t want to hire a handyman that intimidates you or can’t answer your questions directly.

Finding a handyman you can trust can be easier said than done. And that’s why PCN exists. We certify and recommend only the top local handymen who have insurance, licensing, a clean criminal record, great reviews from past customers, and have been in business for at least one year. Find a local, reliable handyman that is guaranteed to meet your needs at