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5 Hidden Signs Your Gutters Need Attention

September 9, 2014

Damaged or insufficient gutters can be hard to spot. Especially on multi-story structures where you barely notice gutters. If your home is facing any of these 5 issues, it may be time to get your gutters cleaned, inspected or replaced:

5. Erosion
If water is pouring off your gutters instead of flowing through them, it’s probably piling up on the ground surrounding your house. This excess water on the sides of your house can cause erosion, and as a result, will allow water to sneak into your basement and damage your foundation.

Water Damage - Gutters

4. Water damaged or damp basement
An excessively damp basement could be the result of many things, but one possible cause could be your gutters. Clogged gutters will cause water damage to your basement the same way it can cause erosion. As water overflows your gutters and spills to the ground, it can seep into your foundation and sneak through your basement walls leading to water stains, weakened walls and/or mold growth.

3. Standing water
Standing water in the same spot around your home is a sign that water may have spilled over clogged gutters. If these puddles are on a wooden walkway or deck, this could lead to worse problems like rotting or weakening of the wood. If puddles are formed in the winter, they can cause seriously icy patches that are a hazard to you, your family, guests, and neighbors.

Water damage - Peeling Paint - Gutters copy

2. Peeling paint
Peeling paint is often caused by water damage, which can be the result of water not having a place flow away from your home. Cleaning your gutters or installing gutter guards is a simple solution to save money on another paint job.

1. Damaged shingles
If your shingles are rotting, curling or have obviously received other forms of water damage, these are signs that water does not have a sufficient escape route from your roof. Allow water to flow freely off your roof by having cleared gutters with plenty of space for more water flow.

The Solution
Have your gutters cleaned once every fall and once every spring. You’ll especially want to make sure your gutters are cleared before winter comes so you can lessen the chances of ice dams.

Find reliable contractors in your area who can clear your gutters and inspect for any damage or potential dangers by searching All of our gutter contractors are pre-verified and ready to bid on your gutter project.


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