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2 Steps to Lower Energy Bills: Locate and Seal

September 23, 2014

Does your home feel drafty? Are your heating bills higher than average or higher than your neighbors? Does it seem impossible to comfortably heat or you’re your home?

According to the EPA, up to 20% of air used to heat or cool a home is lost through leaks and holes. This wastes energy and drastically increases your heating bills an unnecessary amount. So what should you do about it? It’s simple. First, locate the leaks. Second, seal!

Step 1: Locate

The first recommended step is to have an energy auditor locate leaks by inspecting your home. Home energy audits will tell you exactly where your problem spots are and how to fix them. An energy auditor has special technology to find leaks in hard-to-see places and will offer you expert advice on how to fix leaks.

To quickly locate leaks on your own, first look in the most common places for leaks:

Around windows and doors
Around ceiling, walls, floor, and foundation
Fireplace and chimney
Fans, vents and ducts
Plumbing vents
Electrical outlets and wiring holes
Recessed lighting and open soffits
Behind kneewalls
Attic hatch