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How Does the Preferred Contractor Network Work?

The Preferred Contractor Network Referral System

Like our service? Refer a friend! For every three referrals, you get a
$50 gift card to Lowes to help with your own home improvement.

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What Makes a Preferred Contractor?

“Very good. Came prepared with all materials and even showed up a little early to make sure I was ready to go! Great job!”
-Suzanne S, Colorado

Why Choose the Preferred Contractor Network?

PCN connects homeowners with industry-leading, pre-qualified service professionals who meet PCN’s strict membership requirements. Each Preferred Contractor has been carefully selected to ensure you receive unbeatable customer service and the kind of craftsmanship you’ll want to brag about.

Finding a Preferred Contractor in your area is easy! Just enter your project type and zip code in the search below to get started. You can check out contractors’ customer reviews and request bids from multiple contractors to get the best pricing possible.

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The PCN Review Process

We hold our members to the highest standards.
We want to know how your experience was.

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